How Do I Use Them?

There Are many different styles of oil candle, but they all work pretty much the same way.  Below is a copy of our standard instructions, which also includes assembly instructions for the different designs if required.

In the near future, we will be making the instructions available to download and print off to give to your staff so they always get it right.

Right now though, you can watch videos on how to set the wickhow to fill the candles and how to light the candles

Initial Set up

Lamp Components

Lamp Components

Step One: Wick Adjustment

Before assembling the candle, the wick must be set correctly

Adjust the wick (a) so that the amount of wick showing above the wick holder (A1),
is equal to the thickness of a one pence piece.

Adjusting the wick

Step Two: Fill Lamp

Fill fuel cell (c) with fuel following the seperate filling instructions, to within a few millimetres of the top.

 Filling the oil candle Oil Candle Fuel Cell

Step Two: Assemble Lamp

Insert wick structure (a) into fuel cell (b), ensuring that the longer thinner section, marked in the diagram as (d) goes inside the fuel cell.

Lamp Assembly

MAINTENANCE: It is advisable to adjust the wick and trim the top 1/2cm every 75 Burning hours

Lighting the lamp

Once the candle has been assembled correctly, allow ten minutes for the oil to soak up before for the first time.

Once lit, the flame will take a couple of minutes to achieve its final height, as illustrated in the sequence of pictures below.

Lighting the oil candle

If the flame is too large, and produces smoke, you have the wick set incorrectly. Blow out the candle, and allow ten minutes for it to cool down, then return to the beginning of the inctruction sheet and re set the wick at the correct 2mm height.

Re-Filling Instructions

Remove fuel cell from the shade, and then remove wick structure from the fuel cell. Refill lamp as per filling instructions.

Assembly/Special Instruction:


Insert wick structure (A) into fuel vell (C), ensuring that the longer thinner section, marked in the diagram as (d) goes inside the fuel cell.

Holding the neck of the fuel cell between the thumb and forefinger, gently place fuel cell and wick (A + C) into top of shade (B)



To ensure that the fuel cell is stable and sits evenly, the bottom of the shade must be filled with a thin layer of sand to the level shown in the diagram.

Marrakech, Amsterdam and Atlas Oil Candle Assembly

CIL2 Intra Lamp

To achieve the Anti Spill qualities of this lamp, it is important that you only fill the candle to a height of 1 or 2cms of fuel.

CIL2 Intra Oil Candle Lamp Assembly