Frequently Asked Questions About Liquid Wax

What Is Liquid Wax?

Liquid wax is very high quality Lamp Oil. This is a very highly refined grade of paraffin, that will not smell or smoke when burning.

How Long Do They Last?

We supply two sizes.  One lasts around 24 hours and the other around 40 hours. 

Is it Safe?

Yes, very. It has a very high flashpoint, and will not flash or flare. It will not burn without the pre-set wick. It can be safely sent through the post We strongly recommend that you do not drink it though!  

How strong are they?

Our Disposable Liquid Wax canldes are made of strong plastic with a metal wick holder. They are very strong indeed. The variety of shades we offer are made of glass.  While they are durable, expect a few broken shades over time, because they are made of glass.

What happens if I knock a lamp over?

Our lamps are very stable and rarely knocked over. If it does happen, the liquid wax container will not break even if the shade does.  Very little fuel escapes, if any, and this will not burn without the wick anyway.

If the candle flame does not go out, it will burn quietly and will not flare or flash because the fuel has a very high flashpoint, which makes it very safe.

What are they made of?

The Liquid wax candles themselves are made of tough plastic with a metal wick holder. Our shades are of either boroslicate or soda glass

How long do the wicks last?

Because the whole unit is disposable, the wick will last until all the oil has burnt. You then simply discard the cartridge

Are There Any Special Storage Requirements?

No.  The fuel is classed as combustible and not flammable.  Furthermore, because it is contained it never comes into contact with skin, eys or anything else!