Basic Information About Oil Candles

Ok, Let's give you some basic information about oil candles

  • Our Oil candles are made of tough borosilicate or moulded soda glass, designed to withstand the rigours of everyday restaurant usage.  They run on lamp oil, a clean burning, sootless and odourless fuel and the candles can be refilled time and again with this fuel.  Think of the oil candle like a candle stick, and the oil like a candle.
  • Of course, this means that there is no wax, so there is no mess and no waste.  This leads to cost savings through efficiency, cleanliness and better burn times than wax - and nothing to clear up!
  • Oil can be bought in any colour at no extra cost, so you can choose whatever you want to match your decor, and there are dozens of styles of candle to choose from.
  • Running costs can be as little as 1.2p per hour.  You can use our usage calculator to work out exactly how much costs will be in your restaurant.
  • Wicks are long lasting.  They do not burn like a candle wick. The wick soaks the fuel up, which then evaporates at the top of the wick, and it is this vapour that burns. Wicks should last for many months. We supply a full range of replacements wicks and accessories if you need them.