Frequently Asked Questions?

What type of fuel do I need to use?

We recommend Clearcraft Lamp Oil. This is a very highly refined grade of parrafin, that will not smell or smoke when burning.

How much Oil Do They Use?

This depends on the model.  The  smallest candles use 4ml per hour and the largest 5 -6mm an hour.  Our smallest candle, the cell 50 will burn for ten hours before it needs re-filling. 

Is it Safe?

Yes, very. It has a very high flashpoint, and wil not flash or flare. It will not burn without a wick. It can be safely sent through the post We strongly recommend that you do not drink it though!  If drunk it can cause lung damage to very small children.

How strong are they?

Very Strong indeed. The pictures below illustrate a test that we regularly do at our offices, where we knock a lamp off a table. Here you can see that, not only does the candle go out, it hits the ground and does not break.

They wil withstand falls of three feet or more, onto wooden and carpetted floors.

Our rustic range will survive a similar fall on to slate or even concrete.

click here to see videos of how strong the candles are


Teetering on the edge! 


In the air!

Hits the deck!

What happens if I knock a lamp over?

Our lamps are very stable and rarely knocked over. As you have seen from the above pictures, they will stand quite a fall and are therefore very unlikely to break the oil reservoir if knocked over.

Below we have knocked over a candle to demonstrate that the flame normally goes out and very little fuel escapes from the candle (even less with our anti-spill models).

If the candle falme does not go out, it will burn quietly and will not flare or flash because the fuel has a very high flashpoint, which makes it very safe.

Go on. Push it!


It's gone out.


What are they made of?

Our hand blown candles are made using borosilicate glass, which is like Pyrex. Our moulded lamps are thick soda glass, with either a heat resistant borosilicate wick collar, or a brass wick collar.

How long do the wicks last?

For many lamps, the wicks should not need replacing at all. Some of the thinner wicks may need replacing every few months.

Can I get replacement wicks?

We supply both lengths of wick and replacement wick holder